Hasaki – Auto Lubricants for Cost-Conscious Consumers

From a leading maker of timing kits, brake/clutch master & slave cylinders in Taiwan

Launched in Taiwan in 2012, Hasaki Lube is a new line from Yuholi Co., Ltd., a 20-plus-year maker of engine timing kits, brake/clutch master & slave cylinders, who also focuses on brake system R&D.

Containing European crude and quality German additives, high-performance Hasaki lubricants are made in Taiwan backed by in-house, cutting-edge formulation, experimentation with reasonable pricing yet qualitatively equal to current renowned brands in Taiwan.

Amid scarce petroleum energy and currency wars among global powers, which soon lifted oil prices in 2010, consumers who want to save money should choose cost-efficient lubricants that boost engine power and save fuel consumption, making Hasaki the best choice.