Yuholi Co. Remains Optimistic Despite Global Downturn

The timeless strategy to pursue top quality has always been the savviest way to overcome challenges, one that is being adopted by Yuholi Co., Ltd., a specialist maker of brake and clutch cylinder parts and timing components in Taiwan, who continues to be optimistic despite the worst recession since WWII in the automotive industry.

Yuholi, headquartered in Taoyuan County, northern Taiwan, is highly experienced and runs a production arm, Zhangzhou Yongqi Maching Co., Ltd., in China. With ample in-house production capacity, this maker supplies brake and clutch master cylinder repair kits, clutch repair kits, timing belt tensioner and chain guides, wheel cylinder cups, wheel cylinder cup kits, disc brake seal kits etc.,

Delivering over 90% of output as OE (original equipment) parts worldwide, the seasoned manufacturer is globally well-known as an OEM who markets under two private brands: Yuholi and Hasaki, which also make Yuholi an OBM supplier in the aftermarket parts segment. Danny Yu, the general manager, attributes his company's current achievements to consistent dedication to quality.

"Being quality-conscious is the best policy for Yuholi," Yu says during an interview at the AMPA 2009. "We make sure each part is properly finished to meet specifications and required standards."

With mold development and warehousing facilities in-house, the company has integrated production for excellent efficiency and flexibility. Besides, the company has complete, advanced quality inspection instruments, including high-temperature cycle testing machine and leakage testing machine, ensuring the delivery of top quality products.

Being fully committed to supplying the best in the segment, Yuholi has built a competitive position globally as a top-notch supplier.